Showing Some Love for Blood Cancer Research

Showing Some Love for Blood Cancer Research

Hello my BFAC family! For all the blood cancer patients and survivors out there, your local Light the Night walks are coming up. This is the big event/fundraiser for LLS. The Baltimore one is November 11 and starts out of Camden Yards - which is where the Orioles play. I've never done one of these walks before so I can't wait to see what it is all about.

This picture is from the Baltimore Comic Con, I volunteered at the LLS booth to help raise awareness. It was kind of an awesome experience, so many people dressed up! My hubby and son joined me after my shift and I think we saw every super hero ever created - and spent way too much on toys and comic books!

Also just a reminder: The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society has financial assistance for co-pays, travel, medication, etc.  It's an income based program, but for those with a blood cancer, please check it out if you have a need:

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Our local L&LS is almost invisible. No pamphlets at the ONC's office, no online presence. I'll see on the TV news about a walk that I had no info on. Our local chapter really needs better PR!
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The only really publicity I see for the Maryland chapter is on Facebook! I agree, they’d probably get a lot more volunteers and donations if they were more visible.
My husband did a fundraiser last year through work and raised I believe about $5000 dollars. This year will be out in Arizona for a little R&R.
Hope yours goes well!!
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$5k is amazing! People can be so generous. Enjoy your trip! I’ve always wanted to go to Arizona. We are on the east coast.
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My son and I plan on walking this year. Last year we were all signed up to walk and had raised a lot of money, but my son had to have surgery for what they thought was a recurrence. Thank God the lymph glands in his abdomen, that were removed, were benign. Ours will start at Heinz Field on October 10th. That is where the Pittsburgh Steelers play.
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Steeler? BOO! Go Ravens! (Kidding - I could care less about football, it’s background noise in the fall while my hubby does fantasy football.)
Yay, so glad to hear you are walking and thank goodness your son is okay!
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Hi Stef! This year, I get to walk in Light the Night! Ours is in October, but I tricked nature this year and got my wicked-cold in September! I always sign up, every year and then get sick. How you feeling? Energy level back?
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Lol, way to trick your body, Marcia! Hope you are back to 100% now. I’m feeling good, pretty much back to normal. Kind of excited that fall is here and so much fun stuff is going on! How are the pups doing?
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They are good, thank you. And boy am I glad Autumn is here! Yes, fun things to do too, with your boy, hayrides, hay bale maze, etc. Will be thinking of you, John, Jessica, Wanda, April, Stephen, Jennifer, Patty and my other NHL survivor friends on my walk! 🎃🌛🕸
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Fantastic! We tried to do at least one of the pancreatic cancer walks every year until the last couple of years when hubby was too frail. But we still attend to show our support. Awesome post, Stefanie. Thanks to you and everyone who puts themselves out there to help raise awareness and funds to fight this insidious disease. 💐💜👍
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I'm hoping to do the one in Toronto... I believe it's October 19th... so it will depend on how I'm feeling after this hernia repair!
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