To be young again...

To be young again...

Hello everyone! I sprained my ankle this past week and am now gimping along on crutches. Luckily nothing broken but it's my own fault for trying to be a cool mom. We went to this indoor rock climbing place and they have all kinds of climbing walls. I attempted to go up the middle ramp in the picture and made it about three steps up before the darn ankle gave out.

Its kind of hard to see, but my little boy in the red shirt is about 2/3 of the way up the rock wall. He easily ran up as his mother (gracefully) laid on the floor. Sucks to get old! I am doing well otherwise, see my Oncologist Monday for the quarterly check up, but already got my lab results back and they look good.

Hope everyone is doing well and enjoying a little spring weather. We got up to 75 earlier this week!

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I’m sure you appreciate how nice it is to be here to have a sprained ankle while having fun with your son! The world of cancer gives interesting perspectives.

But while you enjoyed +75, I had two nights this week at -20.

Enjoy your weather, wishing you a great check-up Monday, and prop your foot up and let people wait on you!

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Bill you are so right! People keep saying "You poor thing" when they see me with the crutches. But all I can think is, I've had worse!

-20 is horrible, are you in Iceland!?
I'm in Wyoming, but I hear Iceland is a neat place! Take care!
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Well.... I think you are a cool mom and what a great example for your son! Hope you heal quickly because summer will be here before you know it!
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Thanks, April! We try to stay active and keep the TV off. Hopefully this won't keep me down too long!
Grey is giving you a show for your money! Looks like fun, despite the sprained ankle. I think you're still a cool mom. I'm glad your lab results all look good. Hope you're feeling better!
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Two thumbs up for your son and his climbing skills- unfortunately, we don't have that flexibility the young have- hope you heal-up soon.
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My brain thinks I am 22. The mirror (and body) says otherwise!
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Oh no, that's a bummer! Hopefully you will heal quickly. In the meantime, lemons out of lemonade and take this as an opportunity to have some much needed rest as a working wife/mother. Look at your boy go! He's near the top! Lil cutie pie. 🤗
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Stephanie, how's your healing doing since your Mt. Everest avalanche? My guess is that your son has been pestering you to go back, but dear Mom isn't too crazy about that program just yet?
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John I can always count on you for a smile! You are right, he is ready to go back and I am putting him off! The ankle is healing slowly but surely. I'm off crutches now and walk with a limp. The doc says to keep it wrapped for another two months and keep easy on it. Oddly enough, she said it would have been easier to heal from a clean break than a sprain, go figure?! Thanks for checking in on me!
How's that beautiful grandbaby of yours doing? Bringing joy to the whole family I am sure. Hope everything else is going well for you, John!
New job is quite stressful, but grandbaby is a joy
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Sorry to hear that. I hope you find that happy place soon.
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