Happy New Year to my BFAC family!

Happy New Year to my BFAC family!

Hi all! I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season. We had a tough end of year, my dad got pneumonia and spent over a week in the hospital. When he was there they saw a mass in his lung and all I could think was how many people in my family have to get this horrible disease.

Thankfully he got out of the hospital in time to enjoy the holidays and appears to be on his way to being fully recovered. And as a bonus Christmas miracle, they sent him for a PET scan and the mass is no longer there! Now they are attributing it to the pneumonia but will follow up with another CT in three months to be sure. We certainly had a lot to be grateful for this Christmas.

I wish all my BFAC family a fun and healthy 2019. Thanks for being here and supporting everyone!!

Thomas, Gwenn sent you a hug.
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Wonderful news about your father, Stefanie. Have a happy and healthy 2019! 🎉
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Happy New Year!
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HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all. Miracles do happen - Look at all of us on BFAC!! xx
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Wow, that was scary but so glad it appears to be nothing. Is that your son? It looks like he is having a nice and peaceful Christmas, as all children should.
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That is my baby, when I started this journey he was just a toddler.
Kids really do make Christmas fun. Happy new year to you!
Hi Stef! Happy New Year to you too! Your son is precious. He looks like you, yes? The whole photo looks like out of a magazine. What's that handsome pup's name? I'm so sorry about your Father but I'm happy for all of you that it was resolved. Good way to start the new year. Blessings on your 2019!😘
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Thanks Marcia! My puppy's name is Riley. I say puppy but she is an old lady, almost 13 years old. She's my shadow and best friend!
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