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Three year anniversary

So this is actually a day late but I was busy celebrating three years in remission as of yesterday!  Had a few worrisome days last month with some night sweats and lower flank pain but CT scan showed nothing new and my blood work looks better than it’s ever been. That’s the fun of follicular lymphoma, waiting for the other shoe to drop. On the upside, my inflammation markers actually went down almost 60 points. I’m going to contribute that to either my modified paleo diet or taking turmeric daily as those are the only two new things I’ve been doing this year.  

In other news, we had a great trip to Bermuda this summer. I’ve never seen such a beautiful place and their weather is perfect. I could totally live there, I just need to win the lottery first!  

I hope all my fellow warriors in the Carolinas faired well through the hurricane. Keep fighting everyone!

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Happy 3 years!
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Happy anniversary!
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May NED be your friend for many more years. Congratulations. MGBY,
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Concatulations! Hugs :*)
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Happy 3 yrs!!! I love Bermuda too!! Xo
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Yea for 3 years! God is so good .. May he keep you well all your life hugs and love and always prayers Sabina
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Yay Happy 3 years! Congratulations 🎉🍾
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I’m not far behind...head in for my 2 1/2 year check on the 16th.
I hope someday you win that lottery and move to Bermuda!
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Got my ticket for tomorrow night! Hope you had a smooth checkup this week.
I’m not far behind...head in for my 2 1/2 year check on the 16th.
I hope someday you win that lottery and an move to Bermuda!
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Happy birthday week!
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Keto, Paleo diets and Cancer

Just curious if anyone is following a Keto, Paleo or other anti-inflammatory diet for cancer?  I have seen a couple of folks post about this on a follicular lymphoma FB page I follow, but the comments quickly get nasty.  People on here are always so nice : )

I did some research on keto and there are some interesting NIH studies.  But when I spoke to my PCP she recommended Paleo, as apparently Keto tricks your brain into thinking it's starving, which is why so many people use it for weight loss.  But both are anti-inflammatory diets.

Thinking of giving this a shot, not as a fad diet but lifestyle change.  Problem is that I've never met a carb I didn't like!  Any comments, experiences, thoughts would be appreciated!  


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You could give it a try and if you don't like it, then stop. There are people with Autoimmune diseases who follow Keto but I didn't know that Paleo was recommended. I was vegan and vegetarian in my early 30's for about 5 years total, out of necessity though; after my first "tour", lol, with chemo in 1991-92, I had trouble with both the smell of, and digestion of meat. Truth be told, physically I felt no better and no worse while I was veg. I know a young woman who is diabetic and used keto for weight loss. Well, it can't hurt, right?😉
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