Four year remission anniversary

I’m officially in my fourth year of remission. Seems like the further away it gets the less I think about it, which is probably a good thing!  I just don’t want to fall into complacency and not remember to cherish the time I have.

Still do a twice a year blood work and oncology visit but lately they’ve been more like social visits which is nice.  My stomach doesn’t clench  when I see the hospital anymore!

I’ve got a lot of strong women around me. My mom, who also has follicular NHL, is still in watch and wait. My mother in law, who’s fighting her second round of breast cancer, is still doing well.  

I’ve got a lot to be thankful for, including this group here who helped me through a dark time. Cancer sucks, keep fighting everyone! 


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I'm so glad to read your triump!! and many years of health to come!
Hugs E
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Enjoy your anniversary- go out and celebrate!
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Yay for 4!!
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Congratulations on your remission anniversary Stefanie!!!!
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Whooop whooop! Fabulous! Hugs :*)
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Congratulations to you - and all those other awesome women in your life - for being such strong survivors. SO HAPPY for all of you! 💐🎶🎈🎉
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Yay and congratulations Stef!! A woman I worked with recently told me she has Follicular NHL and her Dad also had it. He had it before Rituxin came about. And how is that lil guy of yours?
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He's doing great, thanks for asking! Loving school, which is a nice change. I definitely think there is a genetic factor to fNHL, they just haven't identified it yet. There are too many people in one family getting it. How are you doing?
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I'm good thank you. August 29th was 7 years. I didn't remember until late at night, lol!😘
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