Share your funny chemo brain stories!

Hi all, I was chatting with my mother in law this morning (she's battling stage 4 BC) and she was really sad because she has become so forgetful.  She actually accidentally threw away her bag of medication instead of her bag of take out food the other day.  I was wondering if you all wouldn't mind sharing some funny chemo brain stories to make her feel better?

My last chemo brain story:  I had gone to target and walked out with four bags.  I went home with two.  For some reason I left the other two in the cart - I even put the cart away!  Luckily when I went back to the store no on had stolen them.  

Thomas, Liane sent you a hug.
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I’ll never forget the time my chemo-brained guy took a walk to the outdoor greenmarket on East 47th Street and bought some fresh carrots and greens. Desiring a raw carrot the next day, he discovered after about an hour of fruitless and increasingly frantic searching that he’d put the vegetables in the hall coat closet, and his basball cap in the refrigerator’s crisper. Stefanie, tell your mother-in-law that I’ve about 50 more anecdotes similar to this - some not very funny. Like the time he left a parcel of rare books in a local sandwich shop, never to be seen again......So, don’t feel too bad!
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That's a good one! I've actually put my wallet in the fridge in a non-chemo brain moment. Thanks for sharing, Susan.
My brain wasn't affected by chemo but it was under enormous stress while Thomas was battling osteosarcoma - I put a bag of craft beads in the oven and my mobile phone in the freezer. Oops!! :*)
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Oh no, I hope your phone was okay!
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I was lucky - it was in the freezer for over 2 hours .. it wouldn't turn on that day but the next day it did!
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Aww, I'm sorry your Mil has to go through that but it seems MBC is being turned into a chronic disease now! Ok... let's see.....I don't know if I can blame this on chemo brain but I cannot tell you how many times: I'm standing at the counter and instead of pouring the pills from my pill box into my hand, I dump the 8 ounce bottle of water in my hand! Give your Mil a hug from me, and a hug for you too.
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LOL, that is a funny one! Thanks for sharing, Marcia!
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Happy birthday week!
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